Get yourself an academic writer job

Have you ever thought of applying for an academic writer job? The opportunity we offer to you at ProWritersTime might be your best chance to try yourself at freelance academic writing!

Freelance academic content writing jobs are popular for a reason

There are several reasons why freelance academic content writing jobs gained popularity among people who prefer working remotely:

  • High demand. The flow of orders never ceases to exist, there is always plenty of jobs for everyone.
  • Flexibility. You can increase and decrease your workload however you see fit. No one will decide on this, but you.
  • Competitive salary. It pays off to write academic papers if you find the right company! Of course, freelance rates differ, but that’s only the reason to look for the best ones.
  • Diversity. The topics and themes of your work will always be diverse, even if you choose to stay within one scientific field only. However, to land jobs you don’t need to remain within one academic field - if you choose a freelance academic writer job, you can always choose several majors you feel yourself qualified to work at.

Make sure to get decent freelance job

It might not be easy to get decent freelance job right away, even in an academic writing field. Both the beginners and experienced authors often struggle while trying to find a trustworthy service with high-paying orders. Fortunately for you, you came across ProWritersTime, so you will be able to skip all the problematic issues and get straight to earning money while working on the content you’ll enjoy. Here you will be able to find a variety of freelance writing jobs in different academic fields.

We offer simple application process

We made sure that our simple application process allows authors to get to work as fast as possible. You’ll need to pass the following stages to get a freelance academic writer job and start earning money right away:

  • Create your personal profile. Fill in all the information about yourself for us to make our cooperation most comfortable for you. It’s always easier when we know your expectations about the job.
  • Pass the test. The test itself consists of three stages: passing grammar and formatting styles test, writing a 100 words essay and topping all that with a 500 words sample paper. It’s not time consuming, but it allows us to pick the freelance specialists with the best potential.

Once you’re finished doing that, you are all set and officially become one of our freelance academic content writers.

Work with us: what are the pros

There are several benefits you will get if you choose to work with us:

  • Working remotely. You won’t have to deal with office and commuting hassle. No distractions, no annoying colleagues. You choose whether you work from home or from some cozy cafe next to your home, which means nothing ties you down to a single workplace.
  • Flexible working hours. This is one of the main benefits of freelance jobs - only you decide how many orders you would like to take monthly. You can also adapt your working schedule to your needs; we don’t care how you organize your time if you meet every deadline.
  • Stability. The flow of orders never stops on our website, you won’t have to wait for weeks until new academic content writing opportunities emerge. There always will be jobs for you to take on.


What is academic content writing?

The beginner writers often struggle with the question: what is academic content writing? To sum it up, academic content writing is every written type of task one can get in high school or university: essays, research (including thesis) paper, book reviews, summary or reaction papers. All of these academic papers have precise requirements on their writing and formatting styles, which are important to follow both for students and for those who choose academic writing jobs.

How do you become an academic writer that delivers?

Everyone wants to be a professional that delivers high quality writing, so one of the questions many people ask us is how do you become an academic writer that delivers? There are a few things that are crucial to your success as you become an academic writer:

  • Time management. The absence of close supervision provides every freelance writer with creative freedom. The issue here is that you’ll need to manage yourself in order to meet deadlines and deliver all work on time - this is especially crucial when you decide to take on several freelance jobs or orders. Academic content writers that have mastered punctuality are always in high demand.
  • Attentiveness. You need to pay attention to details to write qualitative content with proper formatting. This quality also helps when it’s time for fact checking and source checking. The quality and trustworthiness of sources is crucial for the student to get a high grade on his or her academic paper.
  • The ability to know your limits. It’s better to start slowly with high school assignments and gradually take up more challenging jobs than start with the PhD thesis and find out that the order is too hard for you to write. As a freelancer, you need to be able to evaluate your capability of fulfilling the task before taking the job.
  • The passion. If you enjoy writing, if you feel fulfilled by helping students out with their academic writing and take pride in making in-depth research on various academic topics to make the content of the papers you write really stand out, you will thrive at this job and become a freelance specialist in no time.

Why should I choose prowriterstime?

You might ask yourself: why should I choose prowriterstime if there are so many other writing services on the Internet? Well, there are several benefits that we offer and that are not that easy to find anywhere else:

  • No registration fees. Our application process is completely free, there are no hidden service fees out of nowhere that will make a hit on your wallet.
  • Highest wages on the market. Depending on the complexity of the tasks, their appointed deadline and how many of the orders you can take up monthly, you can earn yourself a living with ease as a freelance academic writer.
  • On-time payments. You can rest assured that we will get your payments to you on time. We demand punctuality from our freelance writers, but we also live up to our own standards.
  • 24/7 online support. We won’t leave you hanging - no matter which questions or issues you’ll come across, we’ll always be there to sort everything out for you.

What is the qualification for academic content writing?

If you ask yourself what is the qualification for academic content writing, don’t get worked up about it: there are not that many requirements. To be precise, there are two of them:

  • Bachelor’s degree (at least). In order to be a successful academic writer, you need to have enough firsthand experience at academic writing, which you can only obtain while studying at high school or college. That’s why Bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification you’ll need to obtain before starting your academic writing career.
  • English language proficiency. We don’t require a TOEFL or IELTS certificate from you, but we need to make sure that your English knowledge is sufficient for our writing jobs. That’s why grammar and writing tests are an important part of our application process for new writers - it’s not just for us to figure out the level of your writing skills, but also to see your fluency in English.

What is a freelance academic writer?

It’s sometimes hard to explain what is a freelance academic writer to people outside your working field. Fortunately, we can offer you a spot-on definition: freelance academic writer is a specialist in academic writing, who earns money by writing essays and research papers on demand from various writing services like ours. You can become one anytime by registering on our website, which will allow you to access multiple orders in different scientific fields.

How do I become an academic writer with no experience?

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of taking up on one of the freelance academic writing jobs, but was afraid to apply due to the lack of confidence about your qualifications? You might have asked yourself - how do I become an academic writer with no experience? Don’t worry about it, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. There are several requirements that make you a perfect fit for our job:

  • College degree. Everything from Bachelor’s degree and up makes you eligible for freelance academic writing jobs. The higher is your college degree, the broader is the range of content you might work on - and it pays off better as well.
  • English knowledge. If the readers consider your writing something the native could deliver, you will make it as a freelance professional in an academic field. The proficiency in English will also allow you to apply for higher paying jobs and orders.
  • Internet access. Unfortunately, if you don’t have stable internet access, you can have trouble sending your work to the clients on time and it also would make it hard for us to reach you in case of emergency. So Internet access is very important.
  • Ability to communicate through the phone. Most of our communication will be done through the website, but sometimes phone call might be a necessity. So we need you to be able to communicate by phone with us.

As you can see, experience is not even on this list. That’s because we all have to start somewhere. You can’t get working experience if you don’t have an opportunity to land yourself a first job, and you can do it here, on ProWritersTime. We’re sure you’ll gain all the necessary experience within the first months of our work together.

You don’t need to wait any longer to become a freelance writer if you were always curious about writing jobs. Now that you know about all benefits and requirements for the job - this is your call. All you need to do to land one of the academic writing jobs and to start a career is to register on our website and apply for an academic writer position. Do it now and get all the benefits we offer!