Why is it now high time to find a freelance writing job?

At first glance, it might seem that the online freelance job market is overflowing with job seekers. But this is not the case, especially in the field of freelance content writing. According to statistics, in recent years there has been a steady increase in the demand for freelance jobs. Many reasons influenced this, but one of the main ones is the events in 2020, namely Covid 2019.

Quite a large percentage of companies have consented to the transition of driving business from stationary to online. Compulsory digitalization has opened a whole world of opportunities for entry-level and other professionals to find jobs as copywriters, content or freelance authors.

The plus of freelance work is freedom of action. If you don't like routine work in the office, and you want interesting and varied tasks to show your creativity - then you need to start to create content articles and get paid for it.

Thanks to our service we can help you with that! We'll give you a wide range of freelance jobs with the highest wage, our employees will support you and answer any questions at any time. With us, finding freelance work is a process that will be as unnoticeable as possible and that you will remember with warmth. So if you want to become a freelance writer, register on our site and start your journey in the world of freelance!

How to make money from freelance writing jobs online with us

Online writing jobs are the best option for freelance writers who especially enjoy creating content for business articles, websites and other resources. Freelance job searching is a time-consuming process, you don’t need to search for freelance writing on the side and google freelance writing jobs India! In order to save your spare time, you have to use our service!

With us, the process of making money from content writing freelance jobs will be a pleasure. You need only follow a few easy steps in order to get a full-time freelance writing job:

  • Create a profile and pass the tests. Creation of the profile is the easiest part of finding new freelance writing jobs, but the most important one. Fill out the profile carefully, but also do not forget about the quick test. Don’t be afraid! We just want to check your level of English. The fully completed profile and passed test increase your chances of getting freelance writing jobs or even in India.
  • Upload your portfolio, diploma and CV. Our partners, that is the most well-known companies, value the existence of a good portfolio, diploma, and CV. You will have more chances of getting freelance writing jobs if you add some of your previous articles in order to prove your level of skills in content writing.
  • Regularly check our website. Every day we update our freelance offers for copywriters, writers etc. In order to get more proposals from our partners, which are the most popular companies in the world, you should scroll on a daily basis and look through our freelance writing jobs.

What do we offer our academic writers?

In the difficult process of searching for the perfect freelance writing jobs, we are delighted to help content writers find online orders that can be used to gain new skills, experience and, of course, income. Our company's core value is the success of our clients, so we try to get better every day. Therefore, our service provides a wide range of benefits, that set us apart from others, namely:

  • Diverse database of freelance writer jobs. Many well-known companies hire freelancers, copywriters and writers with the help of our service. They are sure that there are only professionals in content writing on diverse topics. What's more, we won't limit you to a full-time job, but also offer from part-time on-site job to internships.
  • Regular payments. You can be sure that the money that you earn is in a safe place. Payments for your job will be transferred to your bank account. It is especially important for us that this process takes place without delay and easily so that you do not have any stress, but only pleasure.
  • 24/7 support from our team. We pay attention to every aspect of your freelance journey with our service, therefore we are available 24 hours for all your questions that can appear during the usage of our website. You can ask for literally any tips from the simplest to the most advanced, we will try to help you anyway.
  • Fair terms and conditions. Trust from our freelance writers is the main praise of our operation, that’s why we conduct our business openly and honestly. Check our website, and you will find all the information that you need! Or you can always ask our support team.

Top 3 types of freelance writing jobs online

More and more often, new online professions appear that you didn't even know you had. The same trend can be seen in the field of writing. Nowadays, the activity of a writer is not only writing books but many other things. That's why I suggest you check out the top 3 types of freelance writing jobs online and maybe you'll discover the world of writing through which you can become successful.

1. Article writing

All of us read daily printed or digital magazines, newspapers and portals with the news. And it's all thanks to the writers of the articles, which you can probably become without even realizing it. Increasingly, publishers are choosing to hire freelancers and work with them until the job is completed rather than keep them on staff all the time. The pluses of this type of freelance job are the ability to choose the topic and niche for the article yourself, depending on your interests and preferences. The main task that will face you - it's a choice of trend topics that will increase the coverage of readers, and writing the article to make it easy to read.

2. Content writing

In the age of the internet and social media, this type of freelance writing is a must-have skill that is increasingly common in the online employment market. Now almost every business has switched to selling their service online, so the demand for content writers has increased. If you are interested in writing press releases, advertisements, content for websites, blog posts, and in-house publications then this freelance writing job is perfect for you. It is enough to be versatile and developed, to understand the specifics of different areas such as IT, marketing, crypto technology, economy, business, etc.

3. Social-media content writing

Although this type of freelance writing job is closely related to content writing, more frequently it is separated out and human resources departments are looking for a highly-qualified specialist in this area. Corporations with the advent of social serials very often maintain regular accounts. This is already an axiom. But scheduling and writing social media posts are not as easy to do as it seems at first glance. It's a time-consuming and demanding challenge of sorts for the writer. If you like interesting challenges, this is the perfect choice to begin your journey in this field.

Why you should choose ProWritersTime

Our company is a group of specialists who are passionate about their work and want to make the search for work easy and enjoyable. That's why we created our service, which is trusted by thousands of our customers.

Firstly, we provide a large database of verified jobs. You can be sure that our partners, the companies we cooperate with, will pay on time and in full for the work done. We have made a user-friendly website for communication with potential customers, so the time spent on our site will bring only one pleasure.

Secondly, our service prefers not to limit ourselves to just one country. You can find a new order, a job from anywhere in the world. That's the great part about working online, even as a content writer you can find employers from distant regions of the world, such as India, for instance, and still be at home.

Thirdly, we value all the time you spend with us compared to our competitors, so we offer the highest wages on the market. Our policy is to give you a fair wage based on your knowledge and experience. Twice a month you can withdraw all the money you earn and transfer it to your account. Due to the fact that we have several ways of receiving money, and you can choose the best one, the process of money transfer is easy and at the same time stress-free.